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Their first year behind the wheel is critical. That's why Florida - and other states across the country - have adopted Graduated Drivers Licensing (GDL) laws for teen drivers.

Dear Parent or Guardian:

Your teen has finally arrived at a time he or she has been looking forward to - learning to drive! This will be a memorable experience for both of you. As role model and coach, teens watch what their parents do and look to them for guidance and expertise.

The law requires you to certify that your teen has spent a minimum of 50 hours behind the wheel when he or she applies for an operator’s license. Ten of those hours must be at night. Either you or another responsible licensed adult over 21 years of age must always occupy the front passenger seat closest to the driver.

This website contains lots of valuable information and several tools to assist you with that most important responsibility. There’s a skills mastery checklist, a driving log, and a driving certification form.

I encourage you and your teen to thoroughly review Chapter 3 of The Florida Driver’s Handbook as it contains valuable detailed information on the driving skills. There are also a number of other websites with additional information. Visit some of these sites together. Several of them have excellent simulations that will encourage discussion.

Take as long as necessary to ensure that your teen is ready to take the driving test and prepared to navigate the roads solo. Teach them to “Drive With Care – Courtesy, Attention, Responsibility and Experience.” Remember, “Experience eliminates errors!”

Please review the Graduated Driver Licensing Law and be sure that your teen knows and follows the restricted driving hours.

Good Luck!

Division of Motorist Services

Click to find out more about Florida's latest GDL laws and for more information about teen driving and how to help your teen become a better, safer driver.

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