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Advanced Driver Improvement Courses

Reasons for Attending Advanced Driver Improvement
If your driver license was suspended in the state of Florida for points or as a habitual traffic offender (non-DUI related), or by court order, you must complete an advanced driver improvement course.

Note: If you hold a Florida driver license and receive a ticket for a moving violation in Arizona, the state of Arizona may withhold adjudication if you complete a state-approved advanced driver improvement course.


To locate an approved online advanced driver improvement course, refer to your local telephone directory, or contact the course providers listed below
Advanced Driver Improvement Course Providers:
The course curricula of the following providers have been approved by the Department. While some course providers offer in-person courses themselves, most contract with local traffic schools to provide these services. Always ensure that the course meets your specific needs for attendance. Please refer to your local phone directory or use an Internet search engine to locate traffic schools in your area.

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